Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

We collect IP addresses and the times you access the site and whatever information you submit, which may include your email address, birthday, password, location, and real name. We do not sell any of this information to third parties. We don't even analyze for our own marketing purposes because this site isn't a business and we don't really care about any of that.

To our knowledge, we do not use any sort of third party tracking, analytics, or advertisements. However, we did not write the software that runs this site, so who knows what it's actually doing underneath the covers.

This site does allow access via third-party authentication mechanisms which will disclose to those third parties that you at least participate here. It also discloses to this site that you have a particular account on those third party systems.

The operator of this site, contrary to the fact that it looks like a company name, is actually run by a private individual on his own personal equipment. It is not a business. As such, you are effectively using an extension of the operator's house rather than whatever you would expect if this were a business. Act accordingly.

The operator of this site is lazy and probably doesn't have a good policy to regularly delete logs.

While not necessarily likely, the safest assumption you can make is that anything posted here will be seen by your boss and your mom and will be linked to your real-world identity.

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