Terms and rules

Purpose of this site

This site exists at the pleasure and discretion of the site operator to provide a small scale forum for relaxed discussion that isn't monetized or subject to the whims of the cloud. Oh, look, there are blogs and image galleries, too. That's neat.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the privacy policy for details.


Participation in this forum requires an account. Anyone may participate subject to the following rules:

  1. The account holder is at least 18 years of age; or meets all the following sub-items
    1. Has at least on parent or legal guardian (responsible adult) that is an active member of this forum
    2. The responsible adult and minor are both personally known by a moderator or administrator of this forum
    3. The responsible adult requests the creation of the account
    4. The minor is at least thirteen years of age
  2. The account holder does not receive compensation for their participation on the forum
  3. You may have more than one account with the understanding that a ban on one account is a ban on all accounts.

COPPA policy

As listed above, this forum is not open to anyone under the age of 18 outside of a very narrow exception.

Acceptable Use

These are the Rules with a capital R.

  1. Don't be too easily offended
  2. This is the most important rule. Sometimes it's a joke that didn't play right. Sometimes you are just missing context. Somedays it seems like everyone is in a bad mood. As Carl said, "It don't matter. None of this matters."

  3. Be civil
  4. Don't be a dick. Don't post angry. Don't get worked up over things that don't matter. In line with Rule 1, just let it go.

  5. If it is illegal, do not post it
  6. This shouldn't need to be a rule, but some of you are monsters.

  7. Respect boundaries
  8. Don't disclose information that isn't yours to disclose. If someone does not want others to know their real name, location, sexual orientation, relationship status, natural hair color, political party, or dining preferences, then you have no business disclosing that for them. If someone blocks you, don't evade the block. Don't quote materials from non-public forums in public places. Disclosing the contents of PMs anywhere without the consent of all parties involved will result in a permanent ban.

  9. Taco Tuesday
  10. Tacos rule, so this is a rule.

  11. No porn.
  12. There are NSFW areas, but that's taking a broad view of what's NSFW. Basically, if HR would have a conniption over an image don't post it outside of NSFW areas. Porn, on the other hand, is strictly banned.

  13. No advertising or paid posting
  14. One of the core concepts of this site is to get away from all that. There may be specific areas for person-to-person trading, self promotion, or job listings. Outside of those limited areas, you must not have a pecuniary interest in what you post. Additionally, accepting compensation for posting on these forums is prohibited.

  15. This isn't real life, it's just a dumb forum
  16. If you find yourself in a bad mood after visiting the forum, or your participation becomes a burden please consider leaving. It doesn't matter if the root cause is us or you. This forum is supposed to be a place to relax and have fun. It's not real life, it's just a dumb forum.

  17. We are not your therapist
  18. Venting every once in a while is one thing, but relying on a bunch of weirdos on the internet for you mental health is a terrible idea. Find a therapist. Go to the therapist. Therapy is good.

  19. There is no rule ten.
  20. The number of items in a list should be a nice, round number.

    Things that will probably get you banned

    • Talking about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or The Block Chain in a positive manner.
    • Having an anime character in your sig.
    • Making a big deal about pronouns or veganism. Either side. See Rule 1 and Rule 2 for reference.
    • Talking about subjects covered by the Toxic Wasteland outside of the Toxic Wasteland.
    • Complaining about Rule 5.
    • Religious wars outside of the Toxic Wasteland
    • Being a bit too excited about anything involving Elon Musk. In this house, our favorite rocket company CEO is Tory Bruno.
    • Unsolicited diet advice without a degree in nutrition.
    • Working for Facebook, or a company that sells mobile games as a subscription, or a company that trades in cryptocurrencies or NFTs.
    • Ohio.
    • Forgetting the Alamo, 9/11, or 1-31-07.
    • Being dumb enough to buy a new car this weekend.