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  1. havard

    New categories for media galleries

    Thanks to @KerbalABX, I came to realize I never configured categories for for the media gallery addon. How embarrassing! So, I went ahead and created some new categories. I hope they are of use.
  2. havard

    Comment by 'havard' in media '123040.jpg'

    A new paradigm in global communications.
  3. havard

    Alright PHP 8.1, you win

    Page loads are probably 10x faster on first load.
  4. havard

    A status updated on Bad Memories

    Basically, Bad Memories is dead as a project. The aluminum frames used for your common 3.5" hard drive varies not just between various models, but sometimes the same model on a different production run. The weight varies, which is sort of important when it's necessary to shave off a mg here or...
  5. havard

    Sometimes I wonder

    What can I do so that I can just do the thing with the stuff and it will just you know, work?
  6. havard

    The Big List of Links

    Kits D2 Combat Robot from Video series - building a D2 FingerTech Viper Control Electronics (RC transmitters and receivers) Spektrum - controllers, receivers, ESCs, batteries, servos, and more Futaba - pretty much the same as above Reddit - best controller/transmitter FrSky -...
  7. havard

    RioBotz Combot Tutorial v2

    The comprehensive beginner's guide.
  8. havard

    SPARC Robot Construction Specifications v1.3

    Links to the SPARC rules to keep in mind while designing and building your bots.
  9. havard

    The lowly can opener

    A few moments ago I saw a post on tumblr with some catalog shots of old Oster appliances and it really got me thinking... outside of the occasional can of soup and rare can of corn, I just don't consume much in the way of anything canned to justify the purchase of an electric can opener. Making...
  10. havard

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present the future

  11. havard

    Happy New Year everyone

    Happy new year to everyone, except for maybe @everyone since they can be kind of annoying. Sitting in my yard watching the fireworks shows my neighbors are doing. Hopefully that asshole shooting the gun is pointing it at the ground.
  12. havard

    His office

  13. havard

    Sniper Elite 5 coming soon!

    Can't believe I missed the news.
  14. havard

    Sniper Elite 5 coming soon!

    <img data-fr-image-pasted="true" src="blob:" class="fr-fic fr-dii fr-uploading"...
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    This thread is for the general discussion of the blog entry Zoop. Please add to the discussion here.
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    Where did all the themes go?

    I was feeling kind of Googley and decided to change it just to confuse everyone.
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    Streaming Services...

    For the week of 12/16/2021 to 12/23/2021 Service Hours hrs/mo Monthly Cost $/hr hr/$ Overall 16.38 83.06 $ 47.69 $ 0.57 1.74 Discovery+ 3.00 15.21 $ 6.99 $ 0.46 2.18 Paramount+ 1.00 5.07 $ 5.42 $ 1.07 0.94 Showtime 0.00 0.00 $ 5.42 #DIV/0! 0.00 Shudder 0.00 0.00 $ 4.17 #DIV/0! 0.00...
  18. havard

    Hanging the thing to hang things

  19. havard

    Hanging the thing to hang things

    I have a receipt printer to print reminders and keep track of billable time. I used to keep these stuck to a whiteboard using magnets, but onetime I ran out of magnets. So, I bought one of these things.